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4 AWESOME Ideas To Keep Your Kids Busy While You Take That Well Deserved Break

Updated: May 20, 2020

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Are you a parent that struggles to get work done at home while keeping your kids entertained and busy? Feeling like you’re always needing to be the entertainer, or feeling like you’re losing it a bit because you can’t get anything done and all you’re hearing is: “I’M BORED…THERE’S NOTHING TO DO!!!”

Trust me…You are NOT alone!

All around the world, parents are trying to work from their home offices, kitchen counter, dining room table, or wherever they can find space…all while having the kids home with them full-time.

This is a very tough time for all and really, we should all be enjoying every minute of it because our little ones grow so quickly. Personally I am loving this Isolation time with my kids and could quite happily carry on this way...but I think we can all agree that it can all get a bit much when you’re trying to run a household, do all this “Home Learning” stuff, work and still spend at least some quality time with the family…without our patience running too low!!! Sometimes we just need a bit of a breather…

Lucky for you, there are many online resources you can count on to find, products, and services to help you get through the day with busy youngsters.

With everything kinda up in the air at the moment, I’ve put together some AWESOME ideas that will keep your kids entertained and engaged for hours…

Feed Their Creativity

Get those creative juices flowing and feed that energy as often as you can. Giving your child something that will keep them entertained for a while can give you the break you need. And finding a product that is inexpensive and easy to use without your help is a win for you!

Spirograph Jr. – This is a great inexpensive tool to keep kids ages 3 and up busy at the table, making their own artful creations.

Spirograph Design Tin Set – Perfect for older kids who need more of a challenge.

Paint with Water projects from Melissa and Doug – What a great way to keep your kids busy and not have to worry about making a mess in your home! Take the paint out of painting and let your kids watch the paint appear, as they add water to the paper with the included water pen.

Get Them Exercising

Nothing beats MOVEMENT!!!

Being able to expel some energy at home will help your child’s focus and keep them healthy. Keeping your child engaged and moving is a sure way to exercise both their mind and their bodies. Fitting physical activity into their daily routine is essential, so they build good healthy habits and continue to carry their wellness lifestyle into adulthood.

If you are looking for a great way to keep your kids moving at home, Play Fit Stay Fit is a fantastic resource available online for children ages 4 and up. Not only does Play Fit Stay Fit offer fitness classes for kids and parents, but they also offer an awesome Birthday Party service, where the kids will do workouts & activities…and of course a HaPpY BiRtHdAy singalong!!!

With 3 different Live Online Interactive Workout sessions available each weekday, you are sure to find one that suits your family’s schedule.

Classes are either 40-mins or 1-hour, and available via Zoom.

  • 40-Min BEFORE SCHOOL – Workout ONLY!

Perfect start to the day! The whole family can workout together!

Time: 08:30am AEST

Fee: $8.00 AUD per child.


If your kids need a mid-day break. Why not explore the Lunch Break Movement session? Clear your head & get moving so they are ready to tackle the rest of their day!

Time: 11:30am

Fee: $8.00 AUD per child.

  • 1-Hour AFTER SCHOOL – Workout + Activities!

Are you looking for an afternoon session? The After School Workout + Activity class can give you the break you need while keeping your kids active at home.

Time: 3:45pm AEST

Fee: $13.00 AUD per child.

Not only will these classes get your kids moving, but it improves body awareness, coordination, and of course…FITNESS!!! Focusing on getting the body moving, releasing energy, or taking a break together, your child is sure to enjoy everything these online classes have to offer. Kids from all over the world can sign are even encouraged to join in for free if they wish! Not only are you keeping a fit lifestyle together, but you are setting a good example and bonding while you do it.

To get in touch, contact Sam.

Let’s help our kids Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected, Stay Happy!

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