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Do You Know The Difference Between Copywriting & Copyright? Many Don’t…

Believe it or not, there’s a huge difference between copywriting and copyright. I…Sam, am a writer, I write copy for websites, therefore, that would make me a copywriter.

Copy is intended for websites, articles, blogs, eBooks/books, Press Releases, brochures, guides, reviews, scripts, both on and off radio and television…and a whole lot more.

Copywriters have written all the websites you visit while browsing the Internet and all the scripts for both radio and TV commercials.

Newspapers, magazines and any articles you read, or brochures you pick up…it’s all created and written by copywriters. Copy creates awareness and educates. It’s also a form of expression to promote an idea, a business or a person.

So, if you come across anything, while doing your searches, stating that someone is offering a content writing, article writing or blog writing service, for whatever niche, it’s a guarantee that they are copywriters, and this is what they do for a living.

Copywriting is in fact, one of the most sought after services in the writing industry.

Now, on the flip side…copyright, is something totally different. It’s a form of protection. It can include anything from writing, artwork, musical, drama, or anything where the author’s original expression of that specific idea needs to be protected under the law. This will allow the owner to have full exclusive rights to reproduce the work, for sales purposes, to display it publicly, or for lease. No one else has permission to do anything with the work! Anyone that violates these rights will certainly be prosecuted.

So, as you can see, these two terms are totally different from one another, yet they sound the same…and so many people don’t know the difference.

If you want to release a new album, please speak to a lawyer about your copyrights!

However, if you need blogs, articles or content written for your website, hire a copywriter…get in touch with ME today!

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