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Starting A Blog And Getting It Off The Ground…

With online marketing, one of the easiest ways to rank high with Google is to always update your site with relevant content. One way to do this is to have a blog, as it will help you achieve this. But having a blog and not constantly adding to it, won’t help…you need to keep that blog going, by adding new fresh content on a consistent basis, to keep it all fresh and alive.

Whether you are doing the writing yourself, or someone else is doing the work for you, it is super important that you keep the following points in mind, before any of your content is published.

I’ve kept it simple with the points that I think are the most important to remember:

Keep it Short and Stay on the Topic!

The average acceptable length of a good blog post is usually around 400 words. That way you’ve got the reader’s attention. If you go over that mark, readers tend to stop concentrating and they get bored. However, this would also depend on your target market and what you are trying to communicate about. In some cases, longer posts are better, sometimes up to 2000 words, however, you don’t want any filler content just to make up that word count. It will instantly turn readers away!

Keeping it Consistent!

By consistent I don’t mean everyday…unless blogging is all you do, then yes, everyday it is! If you post a couple times a week, that’s great. That way your readers won’t be overwhelmed with trying to catch up on any reading they might have missed from your last post. It’s also more manageable for you to keep that flow going.

I would recommend posting on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That way you keeping a good consistent flow going and you can always increase it at a later stage.


It’s important to use bullet points.

Short paragraphs are the best, as they keep the reader engaged.

Always use short and to the point sentences.


Linking to outside authority sources that are relevant to your blog is always great. And linking to other pages within your own website is also acceptable, however a mix works best.


Adding images to any blog or writing piece, will definitely add life to it. If you decide to use images that don’t belong to you, make sure they are available for reuse.

Make Yourself Present on Social Media

Once your blog goes live, you’ll need to start building an audience. Having those social sharing buttons will allow you to interact with your readers via social media.

Stay Focused!

Always offer added value…it’s a great way to build your traffic quickly!

And just keep at it…Don’t give up!

All the hard work and effort will pay off…;)

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