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Thought Leadership – How To Create A Blog That Sets You Apart

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As a small business, you need to establish yourself as a leader in your field. You need to get your name out there. Marketing your business is not just about having products that your customers want. It is also showing them that you are a leading authority in your niche. One way to do this, besides providing your customers with informative content on your website, is by producing blog posts that show thought leadership.

Not only does a thought leadership blog help you share valuable and informative insights about your business, but it also prompts your customers – and future customers – to engage with you. These blogs form the cornerstone content of your website as well. By using this type of blog to demonstrate your expertise and credibility, you will build a following that will continue to grow, making you a leader in your business.

What Is The Difference Between A Thought Leadership Blog And A Regular One?

Thought leadership blogs convey much more information than a regular blog. It provides deeper insight and more value to the customer. It is well written and is designed to procure traffic while contributing to your brand’s visibility. They are the cornerstone of a successful content strategy. They also help you refine and strengthen your ideas and put them into practice in your own business. When you promote this content to your followers, you increase your online visibility, which in turn should increase your connections and customers.

5 Steps To Writing A Thought Leadership Blog For Your Website

1. Choose A Topic That Will Be Relevant, Useful, And Insightful To Your Readers

Start by brainstorming topics that are related to your brand and why you want to share this information with your audience. Put your ideas in question form. What kind of questions do you get from customers? What kind of decisions have you made for your business – good or bad – that you could share? Think of things that you would’ve liked to know when you started your business and then prioritize the list and choose your topic.

2. Identify Your Audience So You Understand What Platform To Share Your Blog With And How They Will Use It

Understanding your audience is key to writing a thought leadership blog that will make them read it to the end. The blog must provide them with value while still keeping them engaged. You want them to share it with their friends and family. Don’t forget to take into consideration how you are going to share your blog article with your audience. Does your audience use social media? Do they read emails or newsletters?

3. Outline Your Thought Leadership Piece In A Logical Order

If you don’t remember how to construct a formal outline from when you were in school, that’s okay. Write a basic list of points that you want to cover, about 10 to 15 bullet points, and then fill in notes between each bullet point about what you are going to talk about. They should be interesting and engaging. Your opening paragraph should inform the reader about what they can learn from your blog, while the closing paragraph sums it up.

4. Construct Your Blog Using The Outline You Created

Keep your sentences concise and easy to read. Skip the jargon. It is not needed and as this is a thought leadership piece, you should communicate your thoughts simply and effectively. Use subheadings to separate your blog in digestible chunks. Take the time to edit your article until you are happy with the message it is conveying.

5. Add A Call To Action At The End

Invite your audience to take action after they read your blog. That action could be contacting you for more information or scheduling a demonstration. The action could be making a comment. The call to action encourages your reader to engage with you.

Adding thought leadership blogs to your website can help you establish your brand at the top of the industry. To learn more about content that will help build your brand, Contact Us, and I'll be more than happy to help.

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