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Blogging Success – Why Do People Blog Anyway?

Are you looking to drive traffic to your website? If you are then blogging is a very good way and it can give people the choice of opt-in pages and sales letters. Writing your thoughts onto your website on a regular basis can help increase your credibility for your service or business. There are many blogs online that cover virtually every topic.

Blog Branding

It is important to include branding on any blog. All of the main platforms that are available for blogging have the ability to allow you to customise various parts of the template and this makes it possible to upload a brand header. Branding on your blog will make it possible for the readers to recognise your brand and understand what they are going to be reading about. Videos are another very useful way to encourage website visitors to take time to see what is on the site. Using multimedia helps to build trust for both you and your brand. Making use of multimedia makes it possible for the readers to see the company in many different real life applications.

Encourage Blog Comments

When you write blog posts it is very important to encourage your readers to give comments. When readers give comments on the posts it helps make the blog interactive and it will help to build up a readership and a fan base. One of the best ways to get a readership that is consistent is to encourage people to subscribe to the blog. Services such as FeedBlitz and RSS feeds are a good way to help to build a subscriber base. Take time to reply to any comments that you get on your blog posts, as this will encourage people to subscribe, as they feel that they’re important and that they have a voice.

Search Engine Ranking

Another important thing about blogging is to get a good position within the search engine rankings and therefore, super important to include keywords. Search engines make use of the domain names in order to find the blog along with keywords and titles that are relevant. Tags are something that is worth taking the time to use as this can also help people to find your blog. When someone clicks on one of the tags, all of the blogs that are connected using the tag will be displayed.

A call to action at the end of the blogs is also a very good idea, as it clearly defines a link to additional resources if the reader wants to find out more information. The resources that are linked can include sales letters, product pages or even opt-in pages.

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