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Using A Mobile Exit-Intent Feature Can Boost Website Exposure

Updated: May 29, 2020

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There are many successful ways you can boost your business online through web pages or mobile devices. OptinMonster and MonsterInsights are dedicated to providing the very best tools for your company to ensure success.

  • OptinMonster has been catering to businesses since 2013 by aiding their online presence with several available tools, including eCommerce solutions, sales help, and building email lists. With specific platforms to assist publishers and agencies, OptinMonster has a digital solution for you.

  • MonsterInsights has been the #1 place for digital companies to go to for all of their Google Analytics needs. Formerly known as Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast, they made the move to MonsterInsights in April 2016. Specializing in plugins for WordPress, MonsterInsights makes it easy for users of any calibre to set up and use Google Analytics successfully for their eCommerce needs.

Today I'm going to discuss an AWESOME Not To Be Missed Special from OptinMonster!!!

How to Skyrocket Leads with New, Easy Mobile Exit-Feature

OptinMonster has designed the perfect tool for your business that will help generate more interest and revenue from the mobile user niche. One of the most asked for products today, they have given your business exactly what you need to remain competitive in the online market – mobile exit-intent tools. Gaining more subscribers and sales from your site will help you compete with industry giants like Amazon, CNN...and many more...and you don't even need a big budget to get there!

How to Boost Your Conversions with Mobile Exit-Intent on OptinMonster

Mobile exit-intent technology is here to help keep visitors on your website, remember their cart purchases, generate subscribers, and even offering last-minute specials. This feature that is available to all OptinMonster users is there to capture any mobile visitors with Scroll Up and Back Button Triggers.

  • Scroll Up Trigger: Mobile users who have scrolled through your webpage and are scrolling back up signal they are no longer interested. This is the perfect time to engage these users with specials or a separate trigger to keep them interested. There are 2 sensitivity settings for this trigger option, including Low or Medium.

  • Back Button Trigger: When a mobile user moves to click the back button on their browser, they are determined to leave your site. This is a pivotal time to display a trigger and entice them to remain on your website for superior offers or current specials. Both of these triggers are included when choosing the High sensitivity option.


For a limited time only, OptinMonster is running a WEEK-LONG 30% OFF SPECIAL on its products, including the new mobile exit-intent feature with a portion of every sale made going towards No Kid Hungry.

This incredible online special is only available from Tuesday, May 12 until Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

No Kid Hungry is a child hunger relief program in the United States that helps provide school breakfasts, after-school and summer meals, as well as food skills education and research and advocacy. Every $10 donated to No Kid Hungry provides an extraordinary 100 meals!

How to Get Started with Mobile Exit-Intent on OptinMonster

Not only can you benefit your business by utilizing tools available from OptinMonster, but also help No Kid Hungry in their quest to end child hunger across The United States. Don’t wait another minute to decide if mobile exit-intent is for you, this 30% offer won’t last long.

Join the 1,000,000+ users currently on OptinMonster and see for yourself how easy it is to produce the results. With a variety of options available there is a plan for any business size and budget.

HURRY...this 30% offer won't last long.

Sale begins TODAY!!!

Use Promo Code "KIDS" to qualify.

Don’t wait another minute to decide whether or not mobile exit-intent is right for you.

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Sounds like some great tools to help optimize websites. And a great deal too!


More and more people look on mobile nowadays so it’s important that our content is easily accessible for that platform!

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