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Online Content and How it Can Generate Sales

Managing social media platforms is not as easy as it sounds (or looks), if one is to do it effectively and successfully. What one chooses to put online is equally important to how and why the content was selected. We’ve seen the different kinds of multimedia that can serve as content on websites and on personal social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

Images, quotes, status updates/tweets videos and gifs, are all examples of multimedia that can be used to get your message across to your stakeholders. Being aware of the various multimedia to select from is one thing, but the creative edge to implement this, with a creative edge in order to get a reaction from your stakeholders that will hopefully lead to a sale, is something worth working towards. That is the end goal when it comes to an online marketing strategy with ROI (return on investments) as an objective.

Great content can influence sales – provided it is put together really well and it is published on the right platform. Visually stimulating content really appeals to us a lot quicker than short descriptions of an image. It creates an internal desire to possess what is being advertised and we ultimately begin searching for it in the hope of buying it. Platforms such as Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest would be appropriate for images. Adding a link to the website in the description will drive the traffic to your website – where individuals can find out more info and then shop.

Short videos that tell half a story on social networks can lead the customer to the online shopping landing page, which could increase the possibility of sales. Using fun or hilarious content (depending on your brand) to inform the target audience about new or existing products gives customers the opportunity to have all the information in their position to make the decision to buy or use the service. Brand awareness, which puts the brand in the back of the customers mind so that when customers go out the next time, they remember; an image, an audio and/or clip associated with that product.

Well thought out content can lead to viral marketing. This could mean extensive exposure for a brand. The more intriguing your content is, the more customers you draw in. The more customers there are, the higher the chances of your sales skyrocketing fast!

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