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How To Make A File Upload Form In WordPress

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Now that you have your website up and running on WordPress, it’s time to think about how you can let visitors use a file upload form to get their information to you. For example, you’re getting ready to hire some more staff. You want applicants to have the ability to upload their resume to your site. Or maybe you need to give remote employees a way to upload things such as expense reports, timesheets or even photos for social media use.

The first thing you need to do is decide what kind of form you need and the information you need to collect. Make a list of form fields that you need. The next step is to create a file upload form, and you can do that using the WPForms plugin. The easier it is for your visitors to fill out the information they need to send you, the less form abandonment you will have.

What Kind Of Files Can Visitors Upload With A WPForms Created Form?

WPForms has all your bases covered when it comes to file type. Visitors will be able to upload documents, images, videos and audio files. The most common types of each of these are available, but because of security on WordPress sites, they are limited. If you cannot find the file type listed in WordPress, then it probably can’t be uploaded.

Creating The File Upload Form In WordPress

After you install and activate your WPForms plugin on your WordPress site, you need to create your file upload form. What’s neat about this plugin is that your new form doesn’t have to live on a forms page. You can place your new form anywhere on your website.

Using your WordPress dashboard, click on WPForms and then “Add New” to create your new form. Using the Additional Templates section, type in “file upload form” and then select the template that appears. A pre-built file upload form will appear that you can change to your needs by using the drag and drop builder. You can also change identification information on the form, so your visitors know what the form is used for, such as label, description, the allowed file size and more. Don't be afraid to play around with the form to learn what the plugin can do for you. We recommend you use the “Modern” style instead of “Classic.”


You’ve got your form; it’s set to accept files. Now it’s time to CUSTOMIZE IT. You do this in the Settings tab by clicking on “General.” Here you can change the form name, description, the text on your submit button, prevent spambot submissions and more. Just select what you want to customize and follow the prompts.

It’s that easy!

Save your form and then configure your notifications. Unless you disable the notifications setting, you can set up the notifications in WordPress so that you get an email whenever a form is submitted.

Once you have set up your notifications, it's time to set up a confirmation to your visitor, so they know their form has been uploaded successfully.

WPForms offers three ways to do this:

1. Send a message that is customizable

2. Go to a “Thank You” page

3. Redirect your visitor to a different website, a landing page or a special URL.

Save all your settings and get ready to add your form to your website

Add Your File Upload Form

Your new form can be added to a lot of places on your website, such as your main pages, in the sidebars and on blog posts. Decide where you need your form to live and then add it to the page or sidebar widget as needed. If you are adding it to a new or existing page, select the block it will go into and then press the “Add WPForms” icon to place the new form. You will see the WPForms widget in the block. Click on the dropdown, select your form and then save your page by updating or publishing it.

And you're all done. You've got a new form on your website, and you're ready to start receiving files. Have fun playing with this plugin. You'll be able to collect a lot of information from your visitors that you can use for future revenue.

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Marysa Nicholson
Marysa Nicholson
07.04.2020 г.

I haven't had to do this yet, but it is a great feature to have. I will have to use this some time!


Shayla Guyll-Pollert
Shayla Guyll-Pollert
07.04.2020 г.

I have this plugin and don't use it often but it works well and I love it for the few things I've used it for.

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