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WooCommerce And Google Analytics – They Go Hand in Hand

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

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WooCommerce is a great way to get your products out in the world. It easily syncs with WordPress, and you can create an awesome store with the different templates available. eCommerce is a popular way to shop, especially in the COVID-19 world. But how do you track your website’s metrics to know how your products are doing? How do you find out what customers are buying and how long they spend looking? By adding the Google Analytics to your website to track your WooCommerce conversions.

Metrics Are Essential To Your Business

You rely on your business to generate an income. You need to see how your website is converting traffic. Syncing WooCommerce and Google Analytics together will give you a robust source of data. This data could be anything from the number of people who looked at a particular item, to how many abandon carts you had in the last week. Putting them together gives you the metrics you need to make practical business decisions.

It Is Easy To Enable WooCommerce And Google Analytics On Your Website

To get the most out of your website, you will be using the enhanced eCommerce tracking function that is already available in Google Analytics. You will use the MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin to set up Google Analytics. Just follow the directions on WordPress to install MonsterInsights. Once it is active, all you need to do is add your Google Analytics credentials, set up the eCommerce settings, and turn on the related reports. You’ll be able to see the enhanced eCommerce information in a matter of minutes.

MonsterInsights Can Help Boost Your Store’s Online Performance

When you use MonsterInsights with Google Analytics and WooCommerce, you have already made your online store better. You can select the eCommerce reports under “Insights” to see all of the statistics available regarding how your store is performing. It is customizable, letting you change date ranges to get a comprehensive view of the data available.

Each report will give you a look at a different section of your website. For example, the “Top Products” report can help you find out what is the best-performing item in your store. It will give you insights into which products you should promote, and which ones you should optimize or get rid of. The “Top Conversion Sources” report shows you exactly where your conversion traffic is coming from.

Robust Features You Need

From the number of items added to a cart to the number removed, to purchase time to time to conversion, the MonsterInsights plugin helps your WooCommerce store talk to Google Analytics on a deeper level. Tracking your customer’s behaviours helps you make the right decisions for your online store. It can alert you to issues before they arise, such as a problem with the checkout screens or the need to order more of a certain product before you sell out.

By using WooCommerce and Google Analytics together, there is no reason why your store can’t be number one.

What are you waiting for?

Get ready to see the data you need to keep the customers you want with MonsterInsights.

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