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Where You Are Going Wrong With Manifesting

Manifesting with the Law of Assumption is as simple as knowing what you want, using affirmations to shift your mindset and start assuming what you want already exists, and being consistent with your visualisations.

Sounds easy, right?

It can be, but if you are making some of these common mistakes, you might be unintentionally making it more difficult for yourself.

Relying Too Much on the “Right” Technique

The Law of Assumption isn’t about what you do or what technique you use, but in who you are, what you think about, and what you assume. You can use every technique or no technique, it doesn’t matter. As long as you are able to live in the wish fulfilled and affirm your assumptions, then you are utilising the Law of Assumption to live your dream life.

This is exactly where a lot of people go wrong. When you try to use certain techniques because someone else said it was the “right” way to manifest, you not only feel overwhelmed because it might not be easy for you personally, or you just don’t really connect to it.

Not everyone is good at visualising something in their mind, that doesn’t mean you will never affirm your desires. It simply means this technique isn’t going to be the most effective for you.

Stop pressuring yourself to get it “right” or to overwhelm yourself with so many techniques, that you aren’t really consistent with any one thing.

Constantly Checking the 3D for Validation

Checking the 3D and trying to make sure you are getting your manifestation is actually slowing it down in most cases. Unless you have an assumption that the more you check on something, the faster it will be true in your reality, you are just hurting the manifestation process.

The problem with checking the 3D, aside from the fact that you shouldn’t need to confirm something you already assume, is that it puts you back into a negative mindset. It lets you see the lack, or the thing you don’t yet see in your current reality. This is going to slow down your manifestations and make it harder to affirm and allow those assumptions to exist in your current reality.

Immersing Yourself in Knowledge, Instead of Action

This is one I'm sure a lot of us can relate to...I know I'm very guilty of it!

It is great to want to gain knowledge about any subject, including the Law of Assumption, but there comes a point when it is time to stop learning, and to start taking action. Don’t just get caught up in hundreds of hours of YouTube videos about manifesting but never actually do the work yourself.

This doesn’t mean taking action to force the 3D and control how your manifestations come to you, but rather take action in using techniques like visualisation and affirmations. If you aren’t affirming, then you aren’t really allowing your assumptions to sink in to your subconscious.

When you notice that instead of doing the work and affirming or working on your visualisations, you just keep watching videos or reading about the Law of Assumption, that is a sign that you need to stop and do something about it.

Using the Wrong Affirmations

While you can use any affirmations you want, your subconscious has an easier time holding onto them when they feel natural and are more in the style you speak, as opposed to just flatly reading a list of phrases.

Choose affirmations that really speak to you and evoke some kind of feeling. At the very least, take affirmations you have found for the Law of Assumption that relate to your manifestation, and then just add a little personality.

For example: You can turn “I am an expert at manifesting” to “I am so good at manifesting and get everything I want.”

It adds a bit more excitement and personality to it. Use your own words to switch up an affirmation until it sounds like something you would say to a friend.

Not Accepting the Law

It is true that you don’t have to fully believe in your affirmations for them to become assumptions eventually, but if you completely doubt the Law of Assumption in general, it will be very hard to manifest what you want.

Do you agree?

What are your thoughts on Manifesting?

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