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Sickening Social Media: How You’re Losing Your Followers

Social media is something we all love and hate. It is unavoidable for business, school, and personal life nowadays. At this point, there are articles everywhere telling you how to get more followers and how to hold onto them after the initial subscription. It is social media and conversational, but are you sure you aren’t turning them away with one post?

Here’s what NOT to do to your social media followers:

Spam: Nobody likes spam. Stop it! The quickest way to be ignored is messaging and posting so much that your followers make use of that lovely ‘hide’ button on Facebook.

Generic Responses: Be personal if you are responding to someone. The fastest way to turn someone off is sounding like a robot. You have emotions, try using them.

Lying: If politics have told us anything, then it is that lying on social media will come back to bite you. Stick with real facts and not alternative ones.

Vulgarity: Unless your brand is vulgar, you may want to be careful about what you say. Being rude, cursing, and so opinionated that you alienate an entire demographic will make your numbers plummet.

Over sharing: We are all guilty of this at one point in our social media history, but enough is enough. While your followers love to know what you are doing, they do not want a reminder of how you get a five star meal while they are enjoying instant noodles.

Why are these so horrible to your followers? It is SOCIAL MEDIA POISON!!!

The more exposure you have to it, the more it hurts and sickens you. You are constantly using these methods and build up an immunity or blindness to what you are doing. The average follower - or even the most avid - will soak up this poison until they finally hit that unfollow or hide button.

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