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Redesigning Your Business

The popularity of the Internet has changed the way businesses run. Digital media is an integral part of how we operate, and businesses without an online presence are operating at a disadvantage. The only thing worse than not having a website is having a site that is dysfunctional, outdated or just poorly designed. There’s no secret to creating an efficient website; all you need to do, is follow a few simple guidelines.

Know Your Target Audience

Know what your audience’s needs and interests are, and how you can best serve them. This allows you to refine your site, focusing on the readers who are likely to use your product.

Good Design

A good website is legible, easy to navigate and just makes sense. Make sure the typography is clear and legible. The viewer should be able to navigate the site without getting lost in a series of links. Every element should be relevant. An appealing logo and strong colours draw audience’s attention and will help audiences remember your brand. Your website needs to be as functional on mobile devices as it is on the desktop.

Visual Elements

Images capture attention and are time-efficient. Only make use of infographics where it makes sense to do so.


Making use of SEO means your website will come up whenever someone searches for relevant keywords. Analytics also allows you to see who is viewing your page, helping you better understand your audience.

Content Is Key

Audiences like to see constant activity on business’s websites; not a constant flow of random and meaningless information, but relevant and quality content.

Content should be well-organised and easy to sort through or filter.

Social Media

Making use of social media is easy and helps draw traffic to your website. It also makes it possible for clients and customers to share your content and services with their networks, and helps you interact with your audiences.

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