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I’m Sick Of My Emails Going To Spam – Are You?

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You've set up your contact form, and you have written your first newsletter or email.


  • No one has signed up.

  • No one has contacted you with questions.

  • Is there something wrong with the content on your website?

  • Are the services or products you’re offering just not good enough?

Or is there simply something wrong with your emails getting delivered?

Sometimes WordPress has issues delivering emails to you when someone fills out your contact form. It might have to do with the contact plugin you are using. WordPress uses the PHP mail function. Your contact plugin may not be configured to send you those emails.

So…you’re probably wondering…

Question: How do I fix it?

Answer: Add the WP Mail SMTP Pro by WPForms plugin to your website.

SMTP Protocol Typically Fixes The Problem

SMTP (or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a more reliable method of getting emails. It removes the issues PHO methods cause, like non-delivery. SMTP also solves the issue of the email coming from your website being mistaken as spam by your email provider. It is an industry-standard method to send emails that uses proper authentication. The WP Mail SMTP Pro by WPForms plugin is very easy to set up and use. It offers users the most emailing methods available, including Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, and more.

How Does WP Mail SMTP Pro Work?

When you load the WP Mail SMTP Pro plugin into your WordPress site and connect it to your email provider, it automatically changes the wp_mail() function for you. It is configured to use the correct SMTP host credentials or make use of a built-in SMTP mail provider. A built-in SMTP mail provider is recommended, and it uses the provider's direct API to send the email to you successfully.

Currently, WP Mail SMTP Pro recommends the use of the and Pepipost.SMTP options. Consider using one of those when you set up your plugin. Both will help ensure your emails go through even if your web host is blocking your site from sending emails. There are other options available, but it is usually a good idea to go with the recommended settings.

Can I Customize The “From” and “Email Address” During Setup?


WP Mail SMTP Pro will let you specify the email address you need the contact form information sent to, as well as who it is from. For example, the “From” field could be your business name or the name of your website. It should be something you will easily recognise when you get the email.

Instead of relying on numerous email plugins for your forms, activate the WP Mail SMTP Pro by WPForms plugin. If you are already using WPForms, this plugin will streamline all of your email activities. Plus, you can easily connect the forms on your website to this email plugin.

This will allow you to see all of the fields on your form, making it easy for you to build your email list. WP Mail SMTP Pro will guarantee that you get your emails.

Go on…Why not add a WP Mail SMTP license to your WordPress site today?

You can thank me later!

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