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How To Skyrocket Your Sales And Increase Your ROI

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

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Did you know that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $32.00? Email is hands down one of the most profitable marketing solutions.


Did you know you can use ActiveCampaign in your WordPress dashboard to create forms that will build leads? When you connect your WPForms to ActiveCampaign, you can do just that.

Why Integrate ActiveCampaign and WPForms

Integrating these two programs in your WordPress offers you some options when it comes to building forms. First, you need to decide, why do you need a form?

  • Gather information about your visitors and give them the opportunity to sign up for email updates

  • Conduct a poll for your visitors to find out what they are looking for or the type of content you should put on your site

Once you know how you are going to use your form, ActiveCampaign and WPForms let you:

  • Drag and drop the fields you need right from the WordPress dashboard

  • Create unlimited forms without having to log into ActiveCampaign more than once

  • Add a checkbox for subscriptions using smart conditional logic built into the program

  • Capture partial form entries when visitors abandon the form, giving you the ability to follow up with these potential leads to turn them into customers.

WPForms And ActiveCampaign Can Help You Grow Your Email List

With email marketing being an important function of your business, you will be able to create an email list from the information you gain from ActiveCampaign when it's combined with your WordPress site. The plugins will let you collect visitor information and then store it automatically so you can access it over and over.

Once a visitor fills out a form, you will be notified, and ActiveCampaign can send an automated introduction email to the new contact. This email can be anything you want, from saying hello to sending the contact a free download. It reduces the time you need to sit in front of your computer composing email after email. Instead, you can set everything up and leave it alone.

If you need to segment your contacts based on the information you have gathered, ActiveCampaign can help you do that using tags that separate the data for you. It even lets you add notes to your contacts.

Work Smarter With Integrated Tools

Email marketing, social media, and your website are your business lifeline, no matter what type of business you run. Being able to focus on the important things, like quality content, new products, and more, will help your business grow. Integrated tools, like ActiveCampaign and WPForms Elite exists to help skyrocket sales through email marketing.

Adding these plugins to your website and combining these two services, companies and agencies are unstoppable. By setting up the forms you need for your campaigns, you'll be reducing the amount of time you spend getting the word out. If you haven’t added these items to your WordPress dashboard, it’s time to consider doing it. You can test out the functionality of your next campaign.

And get some new leads while you’re at it.

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Very helpful article for all bloggers! Thank you for all the wonderful recommendations


Thank you for sharing about so many useful tools and plugins that I wouldn't have known about otherwise! These are awesome for online creatives!


Marysa Nicholson
Marysa Nicholson
Jul 20, 2020

These are great recommendations. It is nice to know some ways to increase ROI!

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