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How To Get Started Using Stripe For WPForms

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WPForms is the most intuitive form building plugin available for WordPress, allowing users to almost effortlessly create contact forms, payment forms or subscription forms with a few clicks. Yet, the need for more effortless payment systems that would seamlessly integrate into WordPress and could be handled by even the most novice of users became apparent over time. Luckily, Stripe was there!

Stripe: The Most Popular Online Solution!

Stripe has been sought after since the inception of WPForms; Stripe is one of the foremost payment mechanisms for online stores and online businesses. The Stripe integration with WPForms has gone from strength to strength since the initial release in 2016 to when the Stripe recurring payments functionality went live in 2018. Stripe is a fantastic solution as it allows online businesses to accept credit card payments online safely.

How To Connect Stripe With Your Payment Form In 3 Easy Steps

To work the Stripe payment system into your WordPress site, you will need to activate the WPForm’s WordPress plugin. The very first step will be to ensure that the WPForms plugin is installed onto your WordPress site. Once that has been completed, it is time to add the Stripe plugin to your WordPress online platform as well.

After that select, the settings link in the WPForms menu within your website and then click on the Payments option. You have the option to adjust the currency from USD $ to a variety of other currencies first. Following this, head on down to the Stripe box and click on the box where it says; 'Connect with Stripe'. After that, you will need to approve the linkage between your WordPress website and your Stripe account – please ensure you are registered on the Stripe platform first.

Finally, you can go about placing a Stripe field within your payment forms to allow people the option to pay with credit cards. Ensure that within Stripe’s Payment settings, you have authorized the 'Enable Stripe Payments' section. Otherwise, you will not be able to accept financial transactions from customers.

WPForms Helps You With Recurring Payments

Here’s How:

The recurring payment is an excellent feature of Stripe’s, which allows online business owners to manage their financial transactions with limited effort, thanks to the automation of scheduling payments. By simply scanning over your payments, you can view the recurring and the one-time transactions, in addition, you also can see the exact type of installment schedule your customer has chosen. The great thing is that you can set up a variety of payment schedules ranging from weekly to annual installments with the Stripe form features so that you can be certain to accommodate all types of consumer needs.

So, now that you are all clued up on how to successfully integrate the Stripe Addon into your payment form on WordPress, it’s time to try it for yourself. To get started today, get your WPForms Pro License now!

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Meh Zee
Meh Zee
Jan 28, 2020

I have never heard of Stripe before reading this post. It seems quite useful for businesses.


Stripe has always been the best option IMO. Thanks for the handy guide on getting started!


Jay Bloom
Jay Bloom
Jan 26, 2020

I hadn't heard of Stripe before, good to know. This can be useful for my husbands business.

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