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How To Find The Best Instagram Hashtags In 2020

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Attempting to break out on Instagram can seem like an unattainable goal, even though it is a goal for many small businesses and individuals out there.

The question is where do you start and which hashtags do you choose?

How will you know which hashtags are relevant for you and your content and will give you the biggest shot at gaining attention within the algorithms?

All these questions and more, I will be tackling in this article, as I break down the way to find the best Instagram hashtags in 2020!

Stop Being So Generic

You’ve probably heard this a million times over now, but the key to building a successful brand and the key to getting heard on Instagram have something in common.

That commonality is that you need to find your niche, in other words, you have to find the specific aim or message you are trying to get across. This will help you in identifying the people you want to attract, once you know who you want to follow you, you will have a better insight into what hashtags to use.

A further piece of advice would be to avoid using the most generic hashtags ever, while #dog or #smile might be very popular they will not be as useful in delivering payoff as #puginarug or #smilesformiles.

Get creative and be bold! If all of this feels too much consider making use of the application Later’s Hashtag Suggestion widget, this will enable you to receive ideas of optimal hashtags that relate to the content that you will be putting out.

Review The Data

The next step will be to research the types of hashtags that your ideal audience is currently searching for on Instagram or on the internet; this will help you to build up a selection of keywords and phrases for you to use in the future.

Once you have an idea of what your prospective followers are interested in, it is time to get to the next level; head on over to some of your competitor’s social media profiles, and have a look at their content.

Now that you’re there inspect their captions, what type of hashtags are they using, what messages are they discussing within their feed and how are they structuring their Instagram stories. All of this information can help you to plan or optimize your own social media content strategy.

In addition, you could also go and find what some of the heads of your prospective industry are tagging on Instagram and beyond. What are their keywords and how can you channel those ideas into your content?

**It is important to note that it is totally unacceptable to copy anyone else's work!!! But there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing what's out there and grabbing ideas.

A final tip would be to review the analytics provided by Instagram so you can see which hashtags gauged the most interactions and led to your content being discovered by new eyes.

This would definitely be useful if you are attempting to drive traffic from your Instagram to relevant sites or content, such as your blog or website, in which case Tailwind’s Smart Bio would be a very useful tool to check out.

I hope that by reading this, you have been given some insights to create amazing hashtags for your Instagram profile.

If you need help creating content, and still feel you don't know where to start with finding the right #hashtags to use, get in touch with me here...TODAY!!! And let's level up your Instagram game now!

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