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Don’t Focus on Your Product…Focus on Your Audience

Nowadays, traditional marketing is just not very effective and it is more important to focus on the target audience rather than the actual products that you are trying to sell. Marketers tend to want to take the easy option and this is when product content gets transferred to websites. One of the main problems when creating content is that if it does not reach the correct people, it will be wasted.

Creating content should be based on building and growing the relationship with the audience. Content should be written so that it reads like a two-way conversation, rather than a lot of information being thrown at the prospect. Content for use on social media makes use of key elements of creating content in a direct manner, so that it is focused on the prospect. The overall goal is that when people visit the website the content should be speaking directly to them and about them, not about products.

There are a number of tips to bear in mind when creating content for your site.

Use the correct language

Write the content in the language of the prospect and use phrases that they are likely to make use of. It is important however, that the content is genuine. In order to write quality content, it is vital that you understand the language the prospects will use…and use their personality. Make use of conversational tone, whilst being friendly and personal at the same time.

Avoid Jargon

When writing content, avoid using technical jargon. Not everyone will understand it. If you find you are struggling to write content that is free from jargon, due to understanding the sector too well, then it may be worth contacting one of the professionals who specialise in writing content for online use.

Understanding The Goals

Being able to understand the goals of potential buyers and prospects will mean that you are better able to serve their needs. Take time to listen carefully to what these people want. The end goal for someone who is doing the marketing is to increase the audience figures every day. Professional content creators and marketers will be able to engage effectively, with potential prospects, as well as customers.

Entertain and Educate

Look at ways that the product you want to sell will benefit the prospects and if it will make their life better. There are a lot of websites out there, be clear about the message you are sending out.

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