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Content Marketers – Easter Eggs Can Teach You Something

Whilst you may think that you are too old for Easter eggs or that they are old fashioned; wait Easter eggs are always loads of fun to find on the Internet. There are a number of companies that are notorious for eggs at this time of year and these companies include Pixar. Some companies will create different designs every year, therefore, retaining an element of surprise. It is fair to say that some of the content that is written to promote these eggs can be very beneficial for the company.

Gamification Works

Gamification is something that can really work and help to increase the amount of potential customers and the overall sales. Creating games from the content can be a very good way to grab people’s attention. It is not difficult to include gamification for example; instead of posting either a blog post or static infographics, try shake things up even a little bit. You could try adding a quiz to the content, therefore, making it interactive.

Bringing Back Those Inactive Users

Easter egg companies have a tendency to develop a design that can bring back, inactive users to their products. Almost everyone will have at some point registered to a site that they have not actively been using for a while. In order to get these users back sites need to use a surprise or new tactic to grasp the attention of its inactive users. This method can work very well if you have a new product or new designs, which is the way that Easter eggs make use of this content skill. This is a skill that is worth using, as it can actually be more profitable to retain existing customers than to get new customers.

People Love To Be In On The Joke

Another good way to use content is to create a sense of unity by making use on an inside joke or even a theme. People will not want to be excluded from the joke or theme, therefore, they will make use of the site again. The ability to share a simple joke is just one of life’s little pleasures.


Creativity is a very important thing for Easter eggs and this is exactly the same for content. Creativity is also important because people do not want something that is boring and the more creative something is the more it will attract people. Splashy topics can be very eye catching.

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