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Beautiful Alternatives for Signature Forms You'll Love to Use

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What Are Signature Forms?

WPForms Signature is an addon in WordPress that allows your visitors to electronically sign while filling out your forms. All they need to do is sign by using their mouse or touchscreen. As soon as the user submits their form, the signature is saved and it’s then attached to their form entry. This removes all the hassle of printing and scanning, it eliminates the use of paper, making life that much easier for both you and your client.

Why Create Signature Forms?

For both you and your client, this is a situation you want to be available and have on hand. Making things easy on the eyes and easy to use are always two things that should be a goal for any website builder or a business owner. Having these electronic signatures, it will make so that:

  • Online signatures will be easy for the client - With WPForms, this makes it easy for the client to sign your forms with the touch of a mouse or, if they're fancy, a touch screen monitor.

  • Forms are quickly returned to you electronically - Once the client submits the form, it's sent back to you quickly so that you can have it in the way of an electronic online signature record for your files.

  • Less back and forth - This creates less work for you and probably less frustration and time spent sending emails back and forth to get signatures from clients.

  • Closing the deal - With WPforms, you're able to close the deal faster and easier, giving the client immediate access to the form so they can sign off rather than any back and forth that might cause them to hesitate. They'll appreciate the quick attention to the closure as much as you will.

Creating Your Online Signature Form

There are a few things that you need to do before you create your online Signature Form. This is an exciting moment! One that you've been waiting for and you realise is a gigantic step in your business plan. This is the moment that you need to focus and grab the client's attention to get closure on that sale.

Make sure you're asking for the following necessary details within your contract before proceeding to close the deal.

  • Service terms and agreement.

  • Payment terms and agreement.

  • Client details, including the address and phone number.

  • Signature of the client.

How To Create The Signature Form

You'll need to start with installing the Signature Addon on WordPress so that clients can sign your documents with ease.

Once that's done, you'll be able to set your settings and create an online form with the blank form template.

Within the form editor, you'll want to go to where it can create a Signature field under the Fancy Fields section. Drag and drop this where you want it to be on your form and then make sure you save your progress. You'd hate to lose all that work!

Configure The Form's Settings

To configure your settings, you must go to the settings tab where you can set basic settings like notifications, form confirmations, and general settings. Each of these has a function that you'll likely want to play around with. The settings to make your signature form more functional and easy to navigate.

You'll also want to add a subscription box to the end of your form so you can get repeat business, just make sure you connect this to your email provider, so you don't miss any of those precious leads.

Now You Can Create And Publish Your Online Contract

Once you're done with all your saved changes, go create a new page by going to your WordPress admin and click on Pages -> Add New. This will create a new page. Give it a name that is suitable for your form.

Then hit the + sign to add a widget called WPforms. Click on this to add it to your page.

And when you're done doing that, hit PUBLISH, and you're ready to go!

Now you can prepare yourself for those electronic signatures and the ease of doing business!

Download the most powerful WPforms and other installments that will make yours and your client's lives easier!

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