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Asking for Donations? This WordPress Plugin Can Help

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With COVID-19 still affecting everyone around the world, the need to raise money and accept donations is greater than ever before. The ability to accept an online payment to collect donations from concerned citizens has become more accessible, especially if you are a fan of WPForms. The WPForms WordPress plugin can help you raise money for your favourite charity, community sports team, or Church securely through your WordPress site.

Add An Online Donation Form For Your Organization

With WPForms, you can quickly add an online donation form to your site. The form is not only useful when asking for donations. It is also a great way to collect more information from your donors. This will allow you to stay in touch with them, letting them know who their money benefited and how it was used. A simple follow-up email after receiving the donation provides a personal touch and will encourage them to donate to your cause in the future.

Setting Up The Donation Form Is Easy

If you are already familiar with WPForms, then you know how easy it is to use with your WordPress website. Integrating a payment solution is easy. To create a donation form, simply go into WPForms and click “Add New.” Name your form and select the “Donation Form” template. Customize your form fields as needed by dragging and dropping the fields onto the form. These fields will help you collect the information you will need later to send a follow-up email. There are so many different fields to choose from that you can pretty much cover all the information you need to collect and more.

The "Donation" field is a single item field that allows the donor to enter the amount they are going to donate to your cause. You can also set up a multiple choice or dropdown field with set amounts instead. The "Multiple Items" form field is found under the "Payment Fields." You can then click on the form field to add the options you want and to change the label. Make sure you check the "Required" checkbox, so your donor remembers to enter an amount or choose an option before moving off the form.

Set the donation field accordingly. If you have a good idea of how your donors like to donate, choose the field – single or multiple choice – that works the best.

Enable Your Payments

With this WPForms plugin, you can accept PayPal standard payments or Stripe payments. If you are using PayPal, make sure you check the checkbox enabling the PayPal standard payment option on your donation form. Add the email connected to PayPal or Stripe where the funds should go and then test your form to make sure it works using the “Production” mode or “Test/Sandbox” function.

Always test your form before accepting live payments to make sure it is working correctly!

Add Your Form To Your Site And Let Everyone Know It's Live

Once you know your form is working correctly, you can add it to your WordPress site. Make sure you add links to the form to your emails, your blog, your social media, and any other place you can. Don’t forget to set up a follow-up email thanking your donors for their contribution.

WPForms is a versatile plugin that can be used to create all types of forms, not just a donation form. If you haven’t added it to your WordPress site yet, consider doing so today!

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